Born in Orlando, Florida, Kim got her start performing on the blue an 8 year old competitive gymnast!  When her family made the decision to move to St. Louis, Kim chose to leave the gym & pursue her passion for theatre.


She first performed professionally at age 12 as one of 70+ orphans in the youth chorus of Annie at the MUNY Opera House in St. Louis & from there she was hooked (yes, 70+ girls onstage at once singing "It's the Hard Knock Life"...Muny Magic, y'all)!!


After graduating with a degree in musical theatre from Millikin University, Kim made the move to Manhattan & has been livin' it up in the city, uptown funk style (quite literally uptown, like above 145th Street uptown).


When she's not onstage, you can find Kim with her guitar, writing original folk/pop music. Look for her in local NYC coffee shops performing (coming soon!)